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Zhengzhou Jinshu Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd, located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, started off as a Paper-making Machinery Manufacture, and now is a China-based International trader in Machinery Industry, and a professional sourcing team to deliver solutions globally on win-win strategy.

Committed to technology innovation, reliable quality and all-round service, we have a technically reputed professional team of 6 senior engineers, 8 assistant engineers, 50 other technicians altogether with over 400 employees.

Jinshu,  has proudly invested in 3 plants and has another 3 cooperative Machinery equipments manufacturing factories of pulping , paper-making , environment protection, asbestos shingle, various of electromechanical products as well as boiler, motor, bearings etc. 

Especially, We have a wholly owned subsidiary--- Zhengzhou Zhichao Mechanical Equipment Installation Co. Ltd., which is specialized in the installation and commissioning of pulping and papermaking equipment production lines and closely with Jinshu to jointly provide worldwide design, engineering installation, commissioning, on-job training and technology output and other full range of services. 

Based on mutual trust, integrity, credibility and honor, Jinshu would love to establish a sustainable cooperation and service with international partners by way of solid quality and right price.

Jinshu is genetically attributed to consistently identify and respond to the changing demands across global highly-regulated markets.

Primary service:

We provide turn-key paper project on design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and on-job training.

Corporate culture:

Best Employees, Professional, Rigorous Management, Precision Reliability, professionalism in equipment installation and service.


The company has 5 plants and cooperative manufacturers,

Henan Aolong Machinery Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou GinLuJia Pulp & Paper Technology Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Hande Technology Co., Ltd

Qinyang Tachen Environmental Protection Papermaking Machinery Co., Ltd

Qinyang Qinga Paper Machinery Co., Ltd

Weihua Asbestos shingle manufacturing equipment plant


Installment of carton board machine assembly line in Mia papermaking factory,Hanoi ,Vietnam

Assembly line Completion and commencement of production ,  

New Yong Cheng paper industry, Ho Chi Minh ,Vietnam

Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning and Training of Complete production line in Hubei Xiangxing paper mill

Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning and Training of Complete production line in Paperboard Machine in Xinjiang Yuanda Plant

Crescent Toilet Paper Machine(1200m/min) production line in Guizhou Zunyi Guanhua Papermaking Co.



Zhengzhou Jinshu Machinery
Xinmi, Henan Prov., China


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